HERA Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 Street Style

The S/S 2016 presentation at Fashion Week in Seoul has come and gone. While there were many great shows, the one thing I love the most is the Street Style. I think Seoul Fashion Week differs from NY Fashion Week in that NYFW street style is more streamlined and sleek in my opinion, whereas SFW styles are more relaxed, experimental and out there.

Below are some great shots I found that displays some creativity and imagination that goes into Seoul Fashion Week street style. I hope you enjoy!

I liked the pop of color that each of these fashionistas added to their ensemble. It looks as if yellow and pink were the most popular. It helps to liven up their outfits.


This oversized look is something I haven’t seen before, and while it looks casual, you can notice the different design elements that went into each detail.  oversized-street-style-SFWSS2016

Coordinated group outfits also seemed to be a reoccurring trend. I think it’s a fun and creative way to express common interests with your friends. 

The kids of Seoul Fashion Week came in full force this season. I mean how much swag do these little ones have. Seriously #lifegoals. I feel like North West should probably be a part of this group.
little-girls-street-style-SFWSS2016 copy

Here are some other one-offs I just had to include. Loving all the primary colors. As well as cute hats and sleek looks.

What was your favorite part of Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016? Are you a street style lover like me?


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