Korean Style Ombre Lipstick

3ce korean cosmetic brand
3ce korean cosmetic brand
Credit 3CE cosmetics

While I know this trend has been around for a while, I can’t help but be attracted to the Korean ombre lipstick effect. It adds a bit of dimension and gives your makeup a young fresh feel. You can also find lots of articles, tips, and tutorials if you search for Korean gradient lips or bitten lips.

3ce cosmetics ombre lips
Credit 3CE cosmetics

Some of my favorite Korean celebrities are currently wearing this trend including Park Shin Hye, Cheon Song Yi, Jessica Jung and Park Bo Young.

park shin hye ombre lips
Credit Star1
korean style ombre lips
Credit Pinterest
jessica jung ombre lips
Credit Allkop

Korean style ombre lips

This beauty trend was also recently featured in Cosmopolitan Korea.

cosmopolitan korea ombre lip
Credit Cosmopolitan Korea
cosmo korea ombre lip
Credit Cosmopolitan Korea

You can easily achieve this look yourself by following this easy tutorial I found on Pinterest.

korean ombre lip tutorial
Credit Pinterest

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